The benefits of Allscan on-site imaging are excellent customer service and support, which results in a faster, more effective way to accomplish treatment planning, and quickly close cases.

Allscan aims to exceed your expectations. We make scheduling easy, scans affordable, and are available on short notice.

A custom image study is available immediately after the scan is taken. This allows for same day consultations resulting in a higher rate of case acceptance. Ask us about software training for your team to streamline consultations.

By keeping your patients at your clinic for their CBCT scan, they are able to pair their Allscan appointment with an existing appointment. This saves them time and money, allows them to ask your team questions about their treatment, and schedule that all-important surgery date.


Expand your capabilities:

  • Improve your patients’ understanding of their health
  • Create a more powerful medical and dental Point of Care for your patients
  • Have a wide array of imaging choices for many disciplines: surgery, implants, airway management, endodontics, orthodontics, pediatrics, and more
  • Offer on-demand 3D imaging at your clinic door
  • Strengthen relationships and increase patient loyalty without referring for imaging
  • Offer the most accurate diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Improve treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction
  • Reduce risk
  • Move more quickly from diagnosis to planning and increase case acceptance
  • Have access to comprehensive and experienced laboratories for treatment planning and fabrication of oral appliances and implant prosthetics at a lower price

Easy access to the best in technology:

  • Allscan provides you and your patients with best-in-class 3D x-ray imaging and high-level software tools
  • DICOM-ready files are available for immediate import into your chosen planning software
  • Reduce your patients’ exposure with focused, smaller fields of view and less radiation than other machines

Great support:

  • We provide you with the support needed to plan and execute accurate and precise treatment with 3D technology.
  • Allscan has the flexibility to either guide you through your first case, or ensure continued, high-quality images and complete surgical and restorative support for your experienced practice
  • Allscan protects you and your patients by offering comprehensive and certified radiology reports.