“We simply love using 3D imaging to help our patients. When we realized how much fun dentistry could be with this technology, we decided that other doctors and their patients should benefit from it too.”Brent Robinson
Allscan co-founder
“3D imaging has become the most influential and effective tool in my implants practice. It helps the patients understand their situation and choices for care, and visualize their outcomes before we go live.”Chris Rafoth
Allscan co-founder

Meet Our founders Brent & Chris, and share their vision.

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See Allscan In Action

See Allscan In Action


The Allscan Difference

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Identify and measure any area of interest from all angles.
Reduce risk of misdiagnosis and increase treatment accuracy.

Extend your office with on demand, on-site mobile service.

Shorten time for diagnosis to patient acceptance

Eliminate wait times for patients and doctors with immediate delivery of imaging.

Eliminate the need for off-site referral.

Build a more comprehensive Point-of-care at your practice and strengthen patient relationships.

Radiation exposure 100-200 times less than traditional CT.

See amazing detail not available in traditional 2D x-rays and/or visual inspection.

Go Farther, Go Mobile

5 reasons to use mobile vs. brick & mortar 3D imaging to help your practice go farther

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